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The fact of happening at the same time or moving at the same speed as something else; the act of making something do this


The fact of deliberately including people, things, ideas, etc. from all sections or society, points of view, etc.

Each industry has its owns challenges, and remaining relevant requires constant adaptation to changes. Organisations actively explore various possible futures to anticipate what disruptions are coming. But how to gear up for the unexpected? While it can be tempting and motivational to look ahead, the pandemic teaches us that focusing on the present contributes to our positive outlook and to the difference we make for ourselves and others.

Photo of Mount Everest.

Time plays a significant role in our life. A scarce resource, it helps us make a good habit of structuring our daily activities and prioritise what matters most. No matter where in the world you are: even if you don't live at the top of Mount Everest, every second counts. Access the knowledge of industry experts gathering in one place at one time, and achieve significant travel time and cost savings.

Everest on WHY

Businesses have had to adjust to a radically changed environment in record time, becoming more efficient and rethinking the way they interact with customers and enable their people. Though we don’t forget the importance of "what's next", we focus on sharing insightful and actionable information that will support your operations and your business goals today.

Photo of an opuntia in the desert.
Opuntia on WHY
Photo of an astronaut close to a pyramid on the Moon.

Sometimes looking back is the key to moving forward. It’s a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted: it encourages you to think differently and adjust your trajectory. We don’t promise you the Moon, as there’s no need to embark on such a journey to help you broaden your perspective: inspiration is just a click away.

Pyramid on WHY

How many times you’ve heard that an event is exclusive and by invitation only? Same old same old. We believe business relations should be built on trust and transparency, and anybody should be entitled to equal access to opportunities. Join us, and contribute with your experience to the growth of a community of like-minded professionals from diverse geographies: because the difference is you.

Photo of pencils. One of them drawing a heart.
Pencils on WHY
Photo of a runner stretching before a long run.

Our highly motivated team has a long history of producing successful events, and is fully focused on one goal: ensuring that we'll always be a partner you can rely on. We like to keep things simple, as even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Through discipline and hard work we make sure to meet your expectations anytime we cross a finish line - together.

Runner on WHY
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