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24-25 November 2022 | Prague

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Headshot of Hanna Heinonen, Director, Secured Loans, Digital Sales & Analytics at OP Financial Group.
Click to visit the LinkedIn profile of Hanna Heinonen, Director, Secured Loans, Digital Sales & Analytics at OP Financial Group.


Director, Secured Loans,
Digital Sales & Analytics

OP Financial Group | Finland

Headshot of Adi Naim, Head of Product, Mortgage Modernisation at Bank Leumi.
Click to visit the LinkedIn profile of Adi Naim, Head of Product, Mortgage Modernisation at Bank Leumi.


Head of Product,
Mortgage Modernisation

Bank Leumi | Israel

Headshot of Daniel Ljungel, Head of Business Development at SBAB.
Click to visit the LinkedIn profile of Daniel Ljungel, Head of Business Development at SBAB.


Head of
Business Development

SBAB | Sweden

Headshot of Petra Koleníková, Head of Secured Loans For Individuals at Tatra banka.
Click to visit the LinkedIn profile of Petra Koleníková, Head of Secured Loans For Individuals at Tatra banka.


Head of Secured Loans
For Individuals

Tatra Banka | Slovakia

Headshot of Ainur Temirkhankyzy, Advisor to the Chairman of the Board at Freedom Bank.
Click to visit the LinkedIn profile of Ainur Temirkhankyzy, Advisor to the Chairman of the Board at Freedom Bank.


Advisor to The
Chairman of the Board

Freedom Bank | Kazakhstan

SYNChome | Programme Day One

Programme  |

Day one  |  Thu 24 Nov 2022  |  Morning


Harvesting consumer data insights can be like finding a needle in a haystack that is getting bigger fast. Without the right tools, it takes time and money. It is also difficult to do well at scale, and creates data management and privacy challenges to remain compliant with fair lending regulations. How do different consumers shop for mortgages? And are mortgage lenders well equipped to seize on signals to break through with borrowers earlier in the journey to homeownership?

1    Digital transformation in mortgage process

HANNA HEINONEN  Director, Secured Loans, Digital Sales & Analytics  |  OP Financial Group, Finland

2    New and improved: the startup nation's guide to mortgage product innovation

ADI NAIM  Head of Product, Mortgage Modernisation  |  Bank Leumi, Israel

3    Building for omnichannel in mortgage lending

PHILIP CONNELLY  Digitisation Lead, Lending Products  |  UniCredit Bank CZ & SK, Czechia

4    Reinventing the brokers integration to lenders

JAN BREJL  |  CSO  |  Partners Financial Services, Czechia

LIBOR VOJTA OSTATEK  Mortgage Expert  |  Broker Trust, Czechia


Business as usual in mortgage acquisition: can it continue, when digital is changing the game?

Day one  |  Thu 24 Nov 2022  |  Afternoon


Digital transformation and innovation have had an impact on all areas of the banking and finance industry: the mortgage sector is not immune. A number of innovators and disruptors are poised to shape the home loans ecosystem and the housing market of the future. In this session we will explore how lenders can leverage technology to accelerate digitisation, automate the mortgage value chain, and innovate to support the creation of seamless home buying experiences and integrated systems and offerings, to better address market demands and stay competitive in a post-COVID-19 environment.

5    The future of mortgage lending

TIBOR ZAVADIL  |  Founder & CEO  |  DigFin, Slovakia

6    How we play the ecosystem strategy for winning in the Swedish mortgage market

DANIEL LJUNGEL  |  Head of Business Development  |  SBAB, Sweden

7    Digitisation of mortgage lending and brokerage

MATĚJ STRÁNSKÝ  Tribe Leader, Risk services  |  Komerční banka, Czechia

8  The reality of blockchain in changing the mortgage ecosystem

JUSTUS BROWN  |  Founder & CEO  |  Acre, United Kingdom


Expanding the mortgage ecosystem through integrations with FinTechs and beyond

Day two  |  Fri 25 Nov 2022  |  Morning


Mortgage lenders are used to navigating turbulence. But the speed, severity and continued impact of the global health crisis created challenges that have never been seen before. From complying with pandemic-related regulations and managing talent shortages to addressing changing financial needs of borrowers, several roadblocks have been standing in the way. How to drive sound operations while ensuring compliance and taking an empathetic approach to borrowers’ needs?

9    European case studies on high converting digital mortgage distribution strategies

GEERT VAN KERCKHOVEN  Co-Founder & CEO  |  Oper, Belgium

10  Digital & data-driven mortgages

SIGRÍÐUR HREFNA  Managing Director Personal Banking  |  Íslandsbanki, Iceland

11  The future of lending - just how fast can it get?

KARL DEETER  CEO  |  OnlineApplication, Ireland

12 How to approach the digitalisation of services using customer experience methods

PETRA KOLENÍKOVÁ  Head of Secured Loans For Individuals  |  Tatra banka, Slovakia


Embracing new technological solutions without losing the human element

Day two  |  Fri 25 Nov 2022  |  Afternoon


Now that they’ve overcome initial shocks of the health crisis, many lenders are looking to digitise those parts of the business that are still impeded by paper-based, manual processes. By scaling up initiatives and building on progress made over the past two years, banks can get closer to full-scale digitisation. This should result in a shorter and more streamlined process for fulfilling mortgage loans that can lead to a better customer experience, all while lowering operational costs, mitigating risks, and delivering superior financial performance in the long run.

13  How digitalisation is changing standard banking products: the example of a digital mortgage

AINUR TEMIRKHANKYZY  Advisor to the Chairman of the Board  |  Freedom Bank, Kazakhstan


Bringing it all home: what fundamentals should we stay true to, as we evolve to the new?

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Logo of Oper.

Oper is a leading Belgian-Swiss cloud-based software provider, founded in 2018 with the aim to deliver the best-in-class mortgage experiences through digital channels. Believing that technology should enable, not replace, value-added interpersonal communication, Oper made it its mission to break down the barriers between lenders and borrowers, by providing cutting-edge technology that supports both parties throughout the mortgage journey. Oper’s digital mortgage solution is delivered to lenders and mortgage intermediaries in multiple European markets, though a team comprised of over 16 nationalities. Oper’s platform enables digital-first distribution and high-touch servicing of homebuyers, with a seamless process from contact to contract.

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SYNChome | Venue

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Alongside Prague’s magnificent culture and architecture you’ll discover a cosmopolitan vibe, contemporary entertainment and an array of global cuisines. To make your visit complete, the Hotel KINGS COURT offers an ideal location on Náměstí Republiky and all amenities needed for a perfect stay.


In the heart of historical Prague you’ll find luxury accommodation, enticing food and drink and personalised service.

Exterior of Hotel KINGS COURT.
Deluxe premium room at Hotel KINGS COURT.
Ballroom Franz Josef I at Hotel KINGS COURT.
Majesty Lounge at Hotel KINGS COURT.
Adele Restaurant & Bar at Hotel KINGS COURT.
Spa at Hotel KINGS COURT.

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