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A refreshing take on health insurance

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11-12 May 2023 | Prague

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Headshot of Mats Arnström, Head of Health Insurance at Avonova.
Click to visit the LinkedIn profile of Mats Arnström, Head of Health Insurance at Avonova.


Head of
Health Insurance

Avonova | Sweden

Headshot of Duraid Alsamarai, Head ofInnovation & Health Technologies at Länsförsäkringar.
Click to visit the LinkedIn profile of Duraid Alsamarai, Head ofInnovation & Health Technologies at Länsförsäkringar.


Head of Innovation
& Health Technologies

Länsförsäkringar | Sweden

Headshot of Kasper Andersen, Director of Business Development & Analytics at Dansk Sundhedssikring.
Click to visit the LinkedIn profile of Kasper Andersen, Director of Business Development & Analytics at Dansk Sundhedssikring.


Director of Business Development
& Analytics

Oona Health | Denmark

Headshot of George Nikolopoulos, Director of Life & Health Claims Division at Ethniki Insurance.
Click to visit the LinkedIn profile of George Nikolopoulos, Director of Life & Health Claims Division at Ethniki Insurance.


Director of Life & Health
Claims Division

Ethniki Insurance | Greece

Headshot of Athanasios Lopatatzidis, Group Commercial Executive Director at Affidea.
Click to visit the LinkedIn profile of Athanasios Lopatatzidis, Group Commercial Executive Director at Affidea.


Group Commercial
Executive Director

Affidea | Netherlands

Headshot of Sam Engels, Sales & Account Management Director, Northern Europe at Further Group.
Click to visit the LinkedIn profile of Sam Engels, Sales & Account Management Director, Northern Europe at Further Group.


Sales & Account Management Director
Northern Europe

Further Group | Spain

Programme  |

Day one  |  Thu 11 May 2023  |  Morning


Over a brief period of time, payers have made inroads shifting from simply paying for care to enabling members new levels of access to and engagement with the healthcare system. To build on their success, insurers must be strategic moving forward and ensure they provide meaningful services personalised to the end-user. Success hinges on their ability to achieve internal alignment, reposition how they evaluate new and emerging health risks, support targeted innovation, and drive utilisation of healthcare in a way that improves satisfaction and reduces cost.

1    Automation in healthcare through ecosystem design

DURAID ALSAMARAI  |  Head of Innovation & Health Technologies  |  Länsförsäkringar, Sweden

2    Insurance at a digital crossroad: how to create a multi-dimensional customer relationship?

ROLAND KIRCH  CEO  MORITZ KAFFSACK  Chief Growth Officer  |  Vivy, Germany

3    The role of innovation and technology in building a Health Ecosystem

HENRIQUE FIGUEIREDO  Innovation Lead  |  Grupo Ageas Portugal, Portugal

4    Value-based healthcare – the payor’s perspective

KSENIA TUGAY  Healthcare Innovation Expert  |  Groupe Mutuel, Switzerland


Strategies for sustaining health insurance innovation momentum post-COVID

5    Profiling a potential Voluntary Health Insurance client

ŽELJKO JOVIĆ  Director of Voluntary Health Insurance  |  DDOR Novi Sad, Serbia

6    Shaping the future with digital health services wrapped in the human touch

JOHN SPEARS  |  VP Business Development & Marketing  |  Global Excel Management, Canada

7    The Peachy story - building a digital health MGA

AMIT PATEL  Founder & CEO  |  Peachy, UK


Enabling a successful transition towards digital health

Day one  |  Thu 11 May 2023  |  Afternoon


Providing comprehensive cover for when members require it is no longer compelling enough, nor is it sustainable. In the competitive digital economy, members seek real value at all times from their insurer, and a user’s experience can mean everything. How to combine actuarial, behavioural and clinical tools to help members improve their health through wellness activities and healthy lifestyle choices? And why InsurTech partnerships play a crucial role in improving operational efficiency, enhancing the customer journey, and increasing data capabilities?

Day two  |  Fri 12 May 2023  |  Morning


Financial challenges and changing customer expectations are among the factors leading private health insurers to reconsider their approach to the core business. How to improve the performance of core operations and achieve technical excellence across the value chain? Forward-looking insurers can maximise the impact of their efforts by focusing on analytical decision making, agility, effectiveness and efficiency, and digitalisation. Transformations in pricing, claims, and underwriting are crucial for bringing those capabilities to life.

8    The moment of truth. How to reduce costs in global healthcare

GITTE BACH  CEO  |  New Frontier Group, USA

9  Cost containment through the use of data and an evidence-based approach to treatment

KASPER ANDERSEN  Director of Business Development & Analytics  |  Oona Health, Denmark

10  Value Based Care in an outpatient setting. The Hellenic Paradigm.

GEORGE NIKOLOPOULOS  Director of Life & Health Claims Division  |  Ethniki Insurance, Greece  &  ATHANASIOS LOPATATZIDIS  Group Commercial Executive Director  |  Affidea, Netherlands


Delivering a better claim experience

13  Advancing cancer care through innovation

SAM ENGELS  Sales & Account Management Director, Northern Europe  |  Further Group, Spain


Health insurance distribution in a post-COVID world

Day two  |  Fri 12 May 2023  |  Afternoon


Many of the trends we’ve witnessed since the onset of the pandemic are going to stay. Health insurers will continue to offer all-round healthcare. We’ll see an acceleration in the roll-out of digital services, driven by customers’ demand, which will be due to convenience and safety. Preventative measures will reduce the need for in-person medical care, thus lowering the number and cost of claims. Now that customers have gained a good understanding of what can - and should - be delivered by health insurers, how to capitalise on the recent transformation and start building for the future?

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Global Excel is a full-service provider of global healthcare risk management solutions. It offers a complete range of risk mitigation, cost containment, claims management and medical assistance services to over 1,800 clients located in more than 90 countries around the world. As a group, Global Excel is made up of over 1,200 employees across 9 global offices and is headquartered in Sherbrooke, Canada.

Logo of Vivy.

Vivy is a health platform that changes the way insurances engage and grow their customer base. With the help of a unique personalisation engine, Vivy enables insurance companies to interact with their customers across wellness, prevention, early detection and disease management journeys. Vivy steers users through a vast ecosystem of personalised health content, services and assets, providing each individual customer with the support they need to predict, track, manage, improve and optimise their health.

Logo of Verisk.

Verisk is a leading data analytics provider serving insurance customers. Verisk Life, Health & Travel has developed a range of solutions designed to assess the level of medical risk presented by pre-existing conditions. With a simple integration of the Risk Rating Tool into point-of-sale systems, insurers can transform their underwriting processes. The tool generates appropriate cover options in real time following the completion of a simple, intuitive declaration of a customer’s medical conditions. Verisk’s solutions are available for travel, health, life, critical illness and pet insurance. Headquartered in Jersey City, N.J., Verisk operates in 30 countries and is a member of Standard & Poor’s S&P 500® Index.

Logo of New Frontier Group.

New Frontier Group is a global, independent, woman-led company established in 2002. They lead healthcare management services around the world through a suite of personalised services that cross borders, including cost management, claims management, pharmacy solutions, telehealth, and assistance services. Organisations with members who travel or live outside of their home country need unique solutions to connect their members to the right care at the right price. New Frontier Group's unique set of global solutions combined with their exceptional customer service has helped them become one of the most recognised and respected companies in the industry.

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Logo of DGTAL.

DGTAL: Revealing unprecedented insight from unstructured data, shaping the future of claims management with AI. DGTAL is a true InsurTech bringing together an insurance company and a Deep Tech company, unlocking the full power of clients’ unstructured claims information and enabling fast & efficient settlement, to optimise policyholder journey. Aiming to become the first fully automated digital Claims Agent, DGTAL is creating a +€100bn blue ocean for claims management.

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Venue  |

Alongside Prague’s magnificent culture and architecture you’ll discover a cosmopolitan vibe, contemporary entertainment and an array of global cuisines. To make your visit complete, the Hotel KINGS COURT offers an ideal location on Náměstí Republiky and all amenities needed for a perfect stay.


In the heart of historical Prague you’ll find luxury accommodation, enticing food and drink and personalised service.

Exterior of Hotel KINGS COURT.
Deluxe premium room at Hotel KINGS COURT.
Ballroom Franz Josef I at Hotel KINGS COURT.
Majesty Lounge at Hotel KINGS COURT.
Adele Restaurant & Bar at Hotel KINGS COURT.
Spa at Hotel KINGS COURT.
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