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Unlocking the power of digital mortgages


14-15 November 2024 | Prague

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SYNChome | Programme Day One

Programme  |

Day one  |  Thu 14 Nov 2024  |  Morning


The mortgage industry is no stranger to change: it’s a dynamic sector that mirrors broader demographic shifts and legal evolutions, governments’ policies and technological developments, evolving economic landscapes and consumers’ demands. How to keep pace with the trends that are reshaping the mortgage industry? Adaptability and innovation seem to be the key to surviving and thriving, as they offer opportunities for growth and prosperity for all stakeholders involved.

1    Revolutionising the mortgage and property industry

2    Mortgages for a changing world

3    Digital mortgages: an ongoing journey, not a destination

Reserved for HANNA HEINONEN  Director, Secured Loans, Digital Sales & Analytics  |  OP Financial Group, Finland

4    Energising the green retrofit revolution

5    Enabling mortgage experts to push the energy transition

Reserved for THIBAUT NIVELLES  |  Founder & CEO  |  Setle, Belgium

Day one  |  Thu 14 Nov 2024  |  Afternoon


With the advancement of technology, the mortgage industry has been able to digitise almost the entire lending process, and it’s about to undergo a momentous change in terms of speed, efficiency, and productivity. The utilisation of financial technology helped streamline and simplify the mortgage process, thus making the home buying process more accessible and providing a positive customer experience for borrowers. Is the adoption of technology going to override traditional mortgage lending methods, or rather to exist alongside them?

6    Developing an insight-driven approach to mortgage processes

7    Delivering a better home buying process

8    A mortgage that feels like home

Reserved for MAILI TALISMAA  Senior Product Manager  |  Swedbank, Estonia

9    More mortgages, less effort


Topic TBA

Day two  |  Fri 15 Nov 2024  |  Morning


Lenders are grappling with margin compression and higher rate environments. Customers are grappling with affordability issues and evolving product needs. But with the right approach, the right partners, and the use of emerging technologies, banks can navigate changing demands of today’s mortgage market, pivot as needed, and continue to provide excellent service to borrowers. Furthermore, why not extend cross-sector value propositions in other directions to take on the role of an ecosystem orchestrator and consolidate various housing journey transactions into one integrated customer experience?

10  Bringing solutions to complex transactions

11  Redesigning the application process to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving world of mortgage lending

Reserved for PLAMENA TOTEVA  |  Managing Director Mortgage Market  |  DSK Bank, Bulgaria

12  Financing green and greening finance: securing a more sustainable future for all

Reserved for LUCA BERTALOT  Secretary General  |  EMF-ECBC, Belgium

13  How to distribute a complex retail banking product in a modern way


Topic TBA

Day two  |  Fri 15 Nov 2024  |  Afternoon


Technology helps address many issues within the mortgage industry, but a faster and frictionless borrower experience won’t necessarily help support underserved and aspiring homeowners. Most lenders treat public sector workers like any other salaried applicants, with no consideration given to their strong security of employment, additional shift and overtime income, professional qualifications, experience and reliable future pensions. And what about evolving demographics? People live for longer, and buy houses later in life. Is adding valuable product diversity to the mix the key to broadening the horizon for prospective homeowners?

14  In the now: launching a bank for first-time buyers, bigger-picture savers and later-life borrowers

Reserved for BRIAN BRODIE  CEO  |  Bevan, UK

15  Unlocking the housing market with long term fixed rate mortgages



Topic TBA

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Logo of Oper.

Oper is a leading Belgian-Swiss cloud-based software provider with the mission to deliver the best-in-class mortgage experiences through digital channels. Its aim is to break down the barriers between lenders and borrowers by providing cutting-edge technology that supports both parties throughout the mortgage journey. Oper’s digital mortgage solution is delivered to leaders in multiple European countries, enabling digital-first distribution with a seamless process from contact to contract.

Logo of Finsolutia.

Finsolutia is a leading technology-driven service provider in Iberia, offering independent Loan and Real Estate management services through innovative business processes and disruptive proprietary technology, currently managing approximately €6bn of assets from some of the largest banks and institutional investors in the Credit and Real Estate industries. Its Lending as a Service solution enables financial institutions to automate and streamline complex lending processes, reducing costs, shortening process duration, and improving overall customer service in a more efficient, fully compliant and secure environment (ISO 27001 & 27701 and S&P Above Average rating on residential mortgages).

Logo of Setle.

Setle is a Belgian based software development company. Their all-in-one renovation app gives a thorough support in the pre-buying phase of renovation property. An easy-to-use interface that allows everyone get insights on the renovation costs and plan a renovation process in line with the European sustainable transition requirements. With real-time data and user-friendly features, Setle empowers renovators to make better decisions and create transparency. From energy efficiency to maximising property budget, Setle makes ESG renovations worry-free.

Logo of DigFin.

DigFin (Digital Finance) is a FinTech startup committed to advancing financial digitalisation. Their flagship product, a state-of-the-art digital mortgage aggregator platform (100% online service), significantly simplifies mortgage applications, saving clients time and money while reducing operational costs for banks via digital processing. After successful market validation in Slovakia, DigFin is expanding internationally and actively seeking strategic partnerships with banks, brokers, and real estate agencies across Central Europe. Join them as they reshape the future of financial services, making them more accessible and efficient through the power of digital innovation.

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SYNChome | Venue

Venue  |

Alongside Prague’s magnificent culture and architecture you’ll discover a cosmopolitan vibe, contemporary entertainment and an array of global cuisines. To make your visit complete, the Hotel KINGS COURT offers an ideal location on Náměstí Republiky and all amenities needed for a perfect stay.


In the heart of historical Prague you’ll find luxury accommodation, enticing food and drink and personalised service.

Exterior of Hotel KINGS COURT.
Deluxe premium room at Hotel KINGS COURT.
Ballroom Franz Josef I at Hotel KINGS COURT.
Majesty Lounge at Hotel KINGS COURT.
Adele Restaurant & Bar at Hotel KINGS COURT.
Spa at Hotel KINGS COURT.

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