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Time passes faster for your face than for your feet (assuming you're standing up).

Einstein's theory of relativity dictates that observers in relative motion or at different gravitational potentials measure disparate clock rates: the closer you are to the centre of the Earth, the slower time goes. At the top of Mount Everest, a year would be about 15 microseconds shorter than at sea level.

It's all about purpose.


What we have learned...


Online conferences aren’t perfect, as they won’t satisfy the need for in-depth conversation aided by body language, or the wish to combine formal business with informal social.


But in these challenging times we all realised one thing: what distinguishes good and bad events isn’t whether they’re digital or face-to-face, but whether they’re well designed to meet their purpose or not – however nice the coffee.

...and what we are looking forward to!

Planning your travel schedule so you won’t be late, but won’t have to hang around neither. Finding out your suitcase has been sent to the wrong destination. Deciding in a fraction of a second whether to grab a coffee (yes, that nice coffee we mentioned few lines above) before or after finding somewhere to sit. Light chatting with someone you haven’t seen in ages.


In-person events – with non-pixellated people – will soon be back with us: can you feel the excitement?


How to create seamless home buying experiences and integrated systems and offerings, to better address market demands and stay competitive in a post-COVID-19 environment?


Unlocking the power of digital mortgages


9-10 November 2023 | Prague

How can all players in the health insurance ecosystem play together to reshape the insurance value chain?

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A refreshing take on health insurance


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